Tsugaru-han Neputa Village


Charged Admission Area


1.Neputa Hall-> 2.Neputa Gallery(Ya-Ya Do)-> 3.Tsugaru Craft Center (Takumi)-> 4.Tsugaru Shamisen (Sangendo)-> 5.Japanese Garden (Yokien) and Teahouse (Yokian)-> 6.Tops Spinning Area (Komadokoro) (Zugurian)
Note:Approximate time required 30 to 45 minutes

1.Hirosaki Neputa Hall

A 10 meter tall, huge Neputa float and its inner wooden structure welcomes visitors as they enter the hall. Regardless if you are a group or a single individual, our staff will explain about the Neputa festival and perform the flute and taiko drum for you. You will also be able to try your hand at the drum, if you like.
Also, Neputa paintings and kite paintings of all the members of the Tsugaru Nishikie Artists Association are on display.


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2.Neputa Gallery (Ya-Ya Do)

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Information on Hirosaki Neputa and the “Neputa” “Nebuta” Festivals all around Aomori Prefecture can be found here. Also, with the cooperation of the Iwaki Tourist Association, we have an information corner on Tsugaru’s sacred mountain, Mt. Iwaki and its surrounding hot springs.
Before exiting Ya-Ya Do, you will find a Kingyo (goldfish) Neputa demonstration area (Left picture).
For those who are wondering what Ya-Ya Do means, please see our Neputa Q&A corner.

3.Tsugaru Craft Center (Takumi)

Tsugaru Craft Center (Takumi) is located in a rice storage warehouse that has been around since the clan government period of Japanese history. You can see how “Tsugaru lacquerware”, “Kogin Embroidery”, “Kokeshi Dolls, Tops”, “Tsugaru Pottery”,”Tsugaru Nishikie Paintings (Neputa paintings,Kite paintings)”are made.
You can also try your hand at making them, too. How would you like to try and make your own handmade souvenir?Please click here for the crafts menu.
This building is a designated Hirosaki City “Authentic Building”

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4.Tsugaru Shamisen “Sangendo”

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Tsugaru Shamisen “Sangendo” has information on the Tsugaru Shamisen, as well as, live performances of the Tsugaru Shamisen every day, every 50 to 70 minutes. (Year round)
[With cooperation from the Tsugaru Shamisen Aomori Association]

5.Japanese Garden “Yokien” and Teahouse “Yokian”

Our Japanese garden, “Yokien” incorporates “Tsugaru Fuji” Mt. Iwaki and Hirosaki Park’s ancient pine trees in the Oishi Bugaku-ryu unique Tsugaru style of garden landscaping and is also a national registered monument.
There is also a teahouse, “Yokian” which is a “Designated Cultural Asset” of Hirosaki and it is also designated as a Hirosaki City Green Space Preservation.
It is a space where from the outside, you cannot tell how relaxing it truly is.

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6.Komadokoro (Tops spinning area ) “Zugurian”

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Komadokoro “Sugurian” is an area where you can try your hand at and view different types of tops, starting with the traditional, unique Tsugaru style “Suguri” top.You can try your luck at our roulette top game and you may walk away with a present.
You will also find here, some nostalgic wooden toys that you can play with.