Tsugaru-han Neputa Village


Tsugaru Shamisen Sangendo Performance Schedule

The Tsugaru Shamisen was developed in the Tsugaru Region.

Please enjoy the dynamic performance of the Tsugaru Shamisen.

Tsugaru-han Neputa Village’s Sangendo has a daily live performance of the Tsugaru Shamisen.
Due to the efforts of the Tsugaru Shamisen Aomori Prefecture Association (Chairperson: Toyokatsu Fukushi), we are able to have a place where you can hear a live performance of the Tsugaru Shamisen throughout the year.Thanks to the efforts of the first chairperson and the person who established the Tsugaru Shamisen National Association, Chisato Yamada, when the Tsugaru-han Neputa Village went under renewal, we were able to have created one of our main attractions. Please enjoy listening to the Tsugaru Shamisen which can be heard vibrating from beyond the beat of your heart.
Sangendo is on the route of the Tsugaru-han Neputa Village visitor’s course.For more information on the visitor’s course click here.
Admission is included in the Tsugaru-han Neputa Village admission ticket.

Performance Schedule

Performer’s Schedule

Date Day Group Performer Group Performer
Feb. 1st Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
2nd Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
3rd Kawamura Fujimikai Sadao Kawamura
4th Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
5th Yamada Sangenkai Shinyo Kojima
6th Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
7th Yamada Sangenkai Shinyo Kojima
8th Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
9th Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
10th Kawamura Fujimikai Sadao Kawamura
11th Kawamura Fujimikai Sadao Kawamura
12th Yamada Sangenkai Shinyo Kojima
13th Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
14th Yamada Sangenkai Shinyo Kojima
15th Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
16th Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
17th Kawamura Fujimikai Sadao Kawamura
18th Yamada Sangenkai Kiminori Takahashi
19th Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
20th Kawamura Fujimikai Sadao Kawamura
21st Yamada Sangenkai Shinyo Kojima
22nd Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
23rd Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
24th Kawamura Fujimikai Sadao Kawamura
25th Yamada Sangenkai Junichi Kudo
26th Yamada Sangenkai Shinyo Kojima
27th Yamada Sangenkai Sachimi Yamada
28th Kawamura Fujimikai Shinyo Kojima