Tsugaru-han Neputa Village


100 Yen Bus

No transfer between Tsugaru-han Neputa Village(Hirosaki Park,Hirosaki Castle)and Hirosaki Station and Apple Park!

Konan Bus “Tamenobu Bus”

As an everyday means of transportation, the “Tamenobu Bus” is a convenient way to make your way around the sights of Hirosaki.There is no transfer between JR Hirosaki Station and Tsugaru-han Neputa Village!The Tsugaru-han Neputa Village bus stop is located in front of the ticket office of Tsugaru-han Neputa Village.It is very convenient for those taking the JR line, Konan Railway Konan Line, and highway bus through Hirosaki Station.

Click here for the Tamenobu Bus route map.

“Dotemachi Loop Bus”

Due to the limited number of Tamenobu busses, you can also use the “Dotemachi Loop Bus” if you cannot find a suitable time.
Click here for the loop bus route map

[From April to November]10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
[December to March]10:00 AM to 5:00 PM