Tsugaru-han Neputa Village


Shop information

 No admission ticket is required for the shopping area. Feel free to browse around our shopping area.

Antenna Shop Hirosaki Store (Neputa Village Shop)

We sell various products from Aomori Prefecture in one of the biggest, local locations.We have souvenirs as well as daily foodstuffs.

Note:”Neputa Village Shop” is a tax-free shop.

JA Tsugaru Mirai Ishikawa Branch Apple Direct Shop “Ringo-ya”

Hirosaki is proud to be the number one harvester of apples in Japan. The JA Tsugaru Mirai Ishikawa Branch sells these Aomori apples.
Depending on the harvest time, different types of apples and juice and apple products are sold.

Note:Depending on the apple harvest time, there might be times when products are not sold.

Hometown taste “Meiya” Nakahata Hand-baked Senbei Main Store

Hand-baked senbei are made in front of you by a Senbei Artisan.Using traditional techniques from the past that have been preserved from generation to generation, please try our preciously baked senbei.

JA Tsugaru Hirosaki Farmer’s Market “Hirosaki Shinsengumi”

This farmer’s market has rice, freshly picked vegetables and flowers, from members of Hirosaki City’s JA Tsugaru Hirosaki.

Area Map

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